What age groups does the WMHA offer programs for?

WMHA offers programs for boys and girls ages 4 through 17. Timbits U7 is for four to six-year old’s. (However, please note that five and six year old’s will take precedence over four-year-old registrations, this is monitored on an annual basis depending on total registrations.) U9 is for seven and eight-year old’s; U11 is for nine and ten-year old’s; U13 is for eleven and twelve-year old’s; U15 is for thirteen and fourteen-year old’s; U18 is for fifteen to seventeen-year old’s. Hockey registration is based on the calendar year for birth years. Example: a player born in January 2010 is considered the same "hockey age" as a player born in December of 2010.

How much does it cost to register for Warman Minor Hockey?

The annual registration fee is monitored on an annual basis depending on annual budget and depending on the age group and level of the player in question. This fee covers all assigned league games, practices, city playoff game (if applicable), referee fees, Hockey Canada insurance, SHA and Hockey Canada Registration fees. This does not include AA Player Fees and any team fees set out by the team at the beginning of the season.

When does registration for hockey take place?

Registration opens online beginning of June. Dates to be advertised on our website in June.

Can I register past the regular registration date?

Yes, a late registration period will be established each year to register. Note that the registration fee will be higher if registering after June 28th, 2022.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Please contact the Warman Minor Hockey Association Office by calling (306)651-1249 or email executiveadmin@warmanwildcats.com

What does my new hockey player require for hockey equipment to play?

Click here for a checklist of the hockey equipment required for a player

What are the expections beyond the registration process?

Here is some information for families that are new to minor hockey. This information will provide you with expectations of families that have children registered in minor hockey. There are other responsibilities beyond the initial registration fee you pay for your child. The key for all of these is communicating with your team if you need assistance or are unsure.

1. Transportation – children playing minor hockey will need to get transported to and from their team practices, games and tournaments. Your son or daughter will receive a schedule of games and practices from WMHA prior to the start of the season so you will have a good idea of when most of your child’s ice times take place. Please note that there may be additional ice times added to this core schedule list for extra practices, exhibition games and tournaments if your team enters any. Do not hesitate to contact your team’s coach or manager if you have limitations in terms of transporting your child. It is imperative that you make your team aware in order to arrange for assistance.

2. Financial – Besides registration fees, families are responsible for team fees. Each team will have a pre-season meeting with its parents to confirm a team budget. This budget will cover possible items such as extra ice time for practices, team photos, team jackets, tournament entry fees, thank you gifts for coaches, etc. As an example, if the team budget is $2,000.00 and there are 15 players on the team, each family would be responsible for $133.00 payable to the team ($2,000 / 15). Please be sure to let your team manager know if you require more time to make payments and wish to set up a longer payment schedule.

3. “Sweat Equity” - Volunteering – each family will usually pitch in during the season to make the year run smoothly. Being involved makes it more fun as well. Example - all games require a parent from the team to be in the timekeeper’s box to work as a timekeeper or scorekeeper. Other areas that require parents to step up to help out include – team manager, team treasurer, fundraising, families to look after the team jerseys, etc. The most important thing to remember is to be sure to enjoy the season and have fun meeting new friends. Always be sure to communicate with your team management if you are unsure about anything or require assistance. Hockey parents are great people and will do their best to help out others. They cannot read minds though so be sure to speak up if you require assistance or do not understand what is taking place.

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