If you are interested in becoming a member of the WMHA Execuative in 2023-2024, please read below as taken from the WMHA Bylaws

Further information on the roles and responsabilities can be found in the WMHA Policy Manual


7.3.1 Executive Member Eligibility In order to become a member of the Executive Committee of the Corporation, one has to be a current member of the Corporation.  In addition, no member shall be eligible to become a member of the Executive Committee unless he is in good standing in the Corporation and by good standing is meant that such member shall have paid his current fees in the Corporation and shall be of good moral conduct and behavior.

7.3.2 Election Election of Executive Committee members shall take place at the Spring General Meeting of the membership. Each eligible voter present at the meeting may nominate an individual for a position on the Executive Committee.  The nominee must accept the nomination.  Nomination for positions shall follow the numbered order as reflected in Bylaw 7; Part 1. 


Name: Lyndon Thompson
Position: President
Name: Vacant
Position: Vice President
Name: Vacant
Position: Senior Administrator
Name: Executive Administrator
Position: Executive Administrator
Phone: 306-651-1249
Name: Owen Black
Position: Player Development
Name: Vacant
Position: Events and Fundraising Administrator
Name: Kevin Reimer
Position: AA Administrator
Name: Vacant
Position: AA Female Administrator
Name: Brittany Hoskins
Position: Female Administrator
Name: Amar Vasani
Position: U7 Administrator
Name: Vacant
Position: U9 Administrator
Name: Bill Doran
Position: U11 Administrator
Name: Vacant
Position: U13 Administrator
Name: Doug Harms
Position: U15/U18 Administrator
Name: Jennifer Doucette
Position: Referee Assignor
Name: Vacant
Position: Referee In Chief
Name: Chloe Matthewson
Position: Equipment Manager
Name: Todd Lacoursiere
Position: U18 AAA Administrator
Name: Rob Obrigewitch
Position: Scheduler